Birth Photography

Raw emotion
We capture all the emotion
Support and encouragement
Having your support person supporting you and being in the moment together.
Together you and your support person are stronger.
Your Story
Everyones Birth story is unique
New life
First moments of life
We Capture the raw emotions of Labour and Birth in a tasteful way.
The moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time.
checking each other out in those first few moments.
Weighing in
Sometimes Mum Cant always be there in those first moments of her newborns life but we will make sure you don't miss out on anything.
From measurements to first nappy going on its all documented to cherish Forever
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Life Changing moments go past in an instant, Forever Young Photography By Kylie Capture the truly amazing Journey of your Labour and the Birth of your baby.


The emotions, challengers and triumph of becoming parents is an incredible journey you will want captured to look back on.

Emotions are high and both Parents are important in welcoming there little miracle into the world. Having me there means your partner is completely committed to you and what is going on around you and not reaching for a camera and missing the moments themselves.

Having me there means you and your partner will be completely focused on you and your baby and I will capture that special once in a life time moment of meeting your baby for the first time and finally holding them in your arms.

Please take a look around the web site and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to book an obligation free meet and greet.

Payment plans are available.

Birth Photographer Melbourne /Gippsland regions.






Common Questions

               Are you an insured business?


Yes, We are a professional Photography business that prides our self on Safety and being insured.


Do you photograph the whole birth even down there?


Simple answer to this one is, it is up to you the client. We are at the birth to Capture your Birth Story. We can photograph such things as crowning  if that is what you would like. We Capture what you want. A meeting is set up to discuss exactly your Birth Plan and why you want a birth photographer. Everyone has different reasons and ideas of what they want and that is fine with us its your Birth journey after all. Our aim is to present the you with Images that show your personal birthing experience. Emotions between your birth partner in that time of needing support through Labour. The moment you set eyes on your little baby is definitely a moment you will want to look back on forever.































Is Birth Photography Expensive?


The birth of your child is an Amazing day in your lifes. Forever Young Photography By Kylie is a Professional Business with overheads like any other business.While on call for your birth we limit other photography as a birth is our priority, you cant re schedual a birth. We also are on call 24/7 for a month, 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date. We have designed our collections to give you the most precious images at an affordable investment. Missing out on precious memories to hold in your hand should not happen due to finances. Our best is done to find a collection to suite your needs and we do custom collections also. A payment plan can be set up if this is required.



Yout memories Cptured forever by Forever Young Photography By Kylie
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